Our Policies

Tina Marie Bishop Events Catering bartenders are state licensed through the Washington State Liquor Control Board; therefore all liquor laws will be enforced.

  • Must be 21 years of age to be served alcohol
  • Must have a current drivers license on hand
  • Host/Hostess must purchase a banquet permit for the event
  • Most venues will not allow hard alcohol, so if you wish to have hard alcohol at your event we will need written notice from the venue owner before we bring any hard alcohol out to your event.
  • Most venues we work with require you to have event policy insurance. You may choose to add this to your homeowner’s insurance policy or check out www.wedsafe.com. We will need a copy of this to put in your file at least 3 days prior to your event.
  • All alcohol MUST be at the bar area before event starts. There will be NO alcohol purchased and brought into bar area unless prior arrangements have been made and a written authorization notice has been agreed upon with host/hostess, venue manager and owner of TMB Events. This is to protect all parties involved.
  • No alcohol may be consumed before event starts until our licensed bartender from Tina Marie Bishop is present and serving. As well as,  No alcohol may be consumed or served after the event when our licensed bartender has left the event. We will make sure that all alcohol is put away and locked up when we leave event.
  • Tina Marie Bishop Events reserve the right to close the bar(s) at anytime during the event if we feel you as our host/hostess, the venue or our liquor license may be in jeopardy.

Bar Service

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5 South 1st St Rockford, WA 99030 

Bartender Services

In order for us to provide you and your guests with great service our bartender ratio is

1 bartender for 100 guests or fewer

2 bartenders for up to 250 guests

Licensed bartenders are $25 per hour for their services

This service includes:

  • Set up of bar area
  • Bartender will arrive 1 hour before your event to assist in opening wine, chilling beverages and setting up glassware (disposable glassware)
  • Breakdown and clean up of bar area
  • Bartender is allowed to put out a tip jar
  • 2 Handle kegerator will be provided at A Touch of Country Wedding Venue (but Co2 tank is an extra $20)
  • Kegerator must be rented at other venues … see rental fee

Host/Hostess will:

  • Arrange pickup, delivery, and returns of kegs and wines
  • Rental of Co2 tank - $20 through TMB Events
  • Provide all glassware or plastic cups for beverages
  • Insurance for venue with liquor
  • Banquet permit --- go to www.liq.wa.gov
    • This banquet permit may be attained online at www.liq.wa.gov and has to be presented to TMB Events at least 3 days prior to event.